General Manager

Versatile communications entrepreneur, with a special consideration for advertising, publishing and information technologies, he lives and breathed business.

With 20 years of experience under his belt, he has had many different roles and responsibilities.

He has worked for big companies as well as start-ups, often as turnaround and M&A specialist.

Professor of communications and marketing consultant, he is keen on advertising.
After working for big advertising agencies, he founded in this field some new start-ups, among which LA STERPAIA, with photographer Oliviero Toscani. He has been company CEO for 10 years.

The meeting of minds with Michele Pecchioli, Aria Adv Creative Director, made possible the renewal of this advertising agency. They intentionally kept the creative heart of the agency in Florence, giving a special attention to the international panorama.

Niccolò is also owner of TOCCAFONDI 1910, a company with over one hundred years of experience, with typographies and paper processing industries, in Tuscany and Umbria.
He joined Confindustria with some of his companies, and from 1995 he has been President of Florence and Tuscany Young Entrepreneurs Group, and member of Confindustria National Commitee.

Creative Director

At a very young age, he entered the world of communication as a photographer and photojournalist. Through his profession he traveled extensively, and soon came into contact with the advertising universe, working with major brands such as Roberto Cavalli, De Beers, Kimbo, Gas, Original Marines, Kiton, Preca Brummel, Unoaerre and Yamamay.

The son of a sculptor and of a painter, he was raised in a creatively rich environment that never lacked artistic stimulation, and soon developed a special fondness for contemporary art.

Along his journey, Michele joined forces with many emerging and established artists in the fields of visual arts, cinema and literature. Among his more prestigious collaborations are those with Gio` Pomodoro during two editions of the Venice Biennale, as well as with Jannis Kounellis, Milo Manara, Andrzej Dragan, Ferdinando Scianna, Ellen von Unwerth, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Steven Klein, Toni Thorimbert, Giovanni Gastel and Dario Piana, with award-winning filmmakers Alessandro D’Alatri and Paolo Sorrentino, with sociologist Francesco Alberoni, and with the great journalist and author Tiziano Terzani.

Born in Florence, he spent part of his childhood in the wondrous island of Sardinia, where his lifelong love affair with the sea was born. An expert sailor, he lists among his proudest achievements the participation in an edition of the America’s Cup, as well as in several World Championships in a number of different sailing classes.